Prof. Anupam Agarwal (Co-ordinator)

Research Interest
Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments, Computer Vision and Satellite Image Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Gesture Recognition, Fuzzy Logic and Softcomputing, Computational Geometry.
email - anupam@iiita.ac.in


Prof. G. C. Nandi

Research Interest
Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Industrial Automation, Computer Control Systems, Humanoid robots, Machine vision and processing.

email - gcnandi@iiita.ac.in website- www.gcnandi.co.nr/



Prof. R. C. Tripathi

Research Interest
Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and designs, Enterprise Resource Planning, Data & Network Security, Digital Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Information Retrieval.
email - rct@iiita.ac.in


Prof. U. S. Tiwary

Research Interest
Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition & Script Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Speech and Language Processing, Soft Computing & Fuzzy Logic, Brain Simulation, Cognitive Science.
email - ust@iiita.ac.in

Prof. Sudip Sanyal

Research Interest
Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Mobile Networks.
email - ssanyal@iiita.ac.in
Neetesh Purohit  

Dr. Neetesh Purohit

Research Interest
Digital Signal Processing Technique, Computer Networks.
email - np@iiita.ac.in

Dr. Manish Kumar

Research Interest
Database Management Systems, Distributed Databases, Data Mining and Warehousing, Mobile Data Management, Digital Signal Processing.
email - manishk@iiita.ac.in
Ashutosh Mishra  

Dr. Ashutosh Mishra

Research Interest
Biomedical Signals & Processing, Learning Machines Distributed Computation and Modeling/Simulation.

email - am@iiita.ac.in

Ashutosh Mishra  

Dr. Ratna Sanyal

Research Interest
Natural Language Processing, Software Engineering

email - rsanyal@iiita.ac.in